British Museum Visit

Orla is currently studying ancient Egypt for her history topic this term. So, as we hadn’t taken her to London before (despite that I lived there for years and Luke works there), we decided it was a good opportunity for her first visit to be a trip to the British Museum to see the Egyptology exhibition. How did it go? Well, brilliantly. She was well behaved, attentive and coped well with the train and tube (which she loved) and trekking to and fro. She loved the museum and was enthralled by all the exhibits. Not just the Egyptian items, but everything she saw. Whilst there we had a quick look at the Sutton Hoo burial and the Celtic exhibits (personal faves). Both her and Luke were very impressed by the Snettisham Torc (no, I took no photos of that as I have tons so I suggest you Google it). However, I took lots of photos of the Egyptian statuary and made a film of Orla examining the painted coffins and Mummies on level 3, her commentary was very sweet.  It really is one of the most fabulous museums in the world. Below are a couple of my favourite shots, the full set are on Flickr. I used my Canon 550D, shot with a high ISO to compensate for the poor light, as flash is a no no, most of the shots came out pretty well. So, if you have never been to the British Museum, then GO.

Ramesses - British Museum

Stone Sarcophagus - British Museum

British Museum

British Museum