Happy New Year + New Projects + Ringing the Changes

Happy New Year everyone. Don’t know about you but I had a FABULOUS Christmas and a great new year (despite that I had to go to bed early because of a cold). I have LOADS planned artwise for the new year.  I finally replaced my old Wacom Intuos. Sadly, cant get the drivers for it to run on my iMac and macbook any more, so had to bite the bullet and get a new one. Had some lengthy conversations with the lovely Ian Field Richards aka Zilla774, my old friend and GUI Director from deviantART, who recommended I get the Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch rather than the Intuos.  So, the new toy is in its box upstairs, and as soon as the little one is back to school, it shall be opened and played with. I got Luke to install CS5 on my mac book, so am not limited to working on my new toy just in the workroom.  Below is a, airbrush piece I did with my old Wacom a few years ago, which I still quite like. I can still use my old Intuos on my Toshiba, so it’s not ready for the junkyard just yet.

Little Demon

Also, here are some lovely things given to me by my loved ones. A new tin robot called Ralph, who is AWESOME, and has joined my burgeoning collection.
Ralph Robot
A lovely new red moleskin from Luke for when I have completed my 2013 Sketchbook Project (new pages completed and scanned pics to come).
Red Moleskin
And, a  new pen for the new Filofax Luke bought me last year. Yes, I still use a Filofax, and have done since 1988, I think this one is about my seventh.

New filofax and filofax pen

I have lots of new projects planned for the new year including lots of illustrative work incorporating digital elements and vector work, more water colour paintings,  plus I will be reopening my own Art Shop at some point as well. I will also be adding a lot of new pieces to my Society6 shop too. So look out for that.

And lastly, in my personal life. Well, I had a lot planned for the last year, but health issues sort of got in the way. A series of unpleasant procedures topped off by having two lumps removed from my left breast in August, thankfully not cancerous. So, the big year I had planned for myself didn’t quite come off. So, THIS year I am letting nothing get in my way. I am getting out and about, hooking up with old friends and new, reading more books, going to more exhibitions, losing weight, getting fit and more. :)

So, happy New Year all, what are your plans?

If you are interested in purchasing any original pieces, postcards and prints then please visit my ART SHOP.

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year + New Projects + Ringing the Changes

  1. Hi Lorrie! My old Intuos2 has seen better days, alas, and I’m considering replacing it with a Bamboo. Cannot really justify the cost of a new Intuos5. I’m also looking at ditching the wireless keyboard and mouse on my iMac for wired versions – they’re lovely to look at, but I’m not in love with the need to replace the batteries every couple of months, plus I think a full keyboard with number pad and a scroll-wheel mouse will help my workflow.

    My primary resolution for this year is to make my freelance career work! ^^; I’m marketing myself as a graphic designer who can do video and online alongside print and packaging, and as a fixer for those seeking to convert existing content to new formats.

    Following on from that, I need to start putting aside money to invest for my savings and pension. And I’ll also be learning new skills to boost the range of work that I can take on.

    1. Hi there Alan…

      I still like my old Intuos a lot, and wont get rid of it, I can use it with my Toshiba as there are third party drivers for it. But, as I do most of my design stuff on my imac and macbook, so it was time.

      When I talked to Ian a few months ago, he told me he had the Intuos 5 and the Pen and Touch and used the latter a lot more. In fact his description was something like “the intuos is like using a ball point pen and the bamboo like using a pencil”. So, given that information the choice was an easy one. When I have done some work with it, I will let you know how I got on. Oh, and he recommended getting the wireless pack, but I will get that later on.

      I too am making a big push this year to get more work, and be more productive. I been offered some commission work and am determined to manage my time better. Its NOT easy to work freelance and look after a family, that’s for sure. I just need to find a way to prioritise.

      Anyway, good luck with everything Alan, you know you can count on me for any help.

  2. Hey there Lorrie

    Happy new year to you. Sounds like you have some great things planned. I cant wait to see what you do with your new Wacom. I know you have been meaning for a long time to replace your old one as you talked about it on your facebook page a while back, but it’s good that you are keeping it. There is always room for our old toys 😉

    Looking forward to seeing new sketchbook work in your Moleskin, as you know I love your sketchbook work the best.

    Be happy

    1. Hello there Nikki!

      Yes I did, I most certainly did. Had an awesome time too. Hope you and yours had a fab Christmas and new year.


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