My Top Ten Tips for Artists

West Dean Gardens

The other day I posted my ‘Top Ten Tips for Artists’ on the Artjunky facebook page, and it generated quite a response, so I thought I would also post it here. These are things to remember when you feel down or discouraged.

  1. Never compare yourself to other artists. What you do is unique.
  2. Draw to please you, not others, and be true to yourself.
  3. Don’t feel jealous of others apparent ‘success’, it’s rarely the true story.
  4. Don’t create work because you think it will sell, people will see through it.
  5. Take a walk every day.
  6. Read a book, visit a museum.
  7. Support other artists, we all need all the help we can get.
  8. Remember to eat, and drink plenty, the brain doesn’t work well without nourishment.
  9. Don’t be afraid of a blank page, just start drawing, the ideas will come.
  10. Keep a sketchbook, keep it with you, and draw every day.

If you also have some, then please post them here. Thank you :)

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6 thoughts on “My Top Ten Tips for Artists

  1. Hi there Green Morning..

    Thanks for stopping by and for your blog link. Interestingly someone else flagged that book up to me recently, I must take a look, as I know its become very popular. Great post about it by the way.
    I shall be dropping by.

    Lorrie :)

  2. Excellent tips Lorrie. It’d be ace to have these up on the Art Junky blog too!

    “Just start drawing, the ideas will come” is one that I particularly agree with. Doodling has never failed to get me unstuck from a creative block.

    The tip about not believing the hype is a good one to remember too. I’d say it was just as important for an artist to not believe their own hype as ego can ruin even the best of artists.

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