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What a pleasant surprise I had this week. I noticed that traffic to my site was high again (it’s been so high lately I have gone over my bandwidth allowance). But, this time I was able to track the source and found that one of my Moleskine drawings had been featured on the very popular and long running art and design blog, I was thrilled naturally, and even more so when I saw how popular it was on the Scene360 Facebook and Google+ pages.

However, it didn’t end there. Because of the excellent feedback and reviews it got on both pages, Adriana de  Barros from Scene360 decided to do a full feature on my sketchbook work and asked me some questions about method and style. So, please do  GO HERE TO READ IT and spread the word. :)

Thank you Adriana and Scene360 for the support, truly appreciated.

Scene360 Front Page

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I was recently featured again (making THREE times now in the past month). One of my water colour paintings, go HERE to have a look.

Oooh, and before I forget, I have a page. Here is my first ‘vine’. Bit wobbly, features what I am working on this week.

Sketchbook Feature on Illusion-Scene360