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What a pleasant surprise I had this week. I noticed that traffic to my site was high again (it’s been so high lately I have gone over my bandwidth allowance). But, this time I was able to track the source and found that one of my Moleskine drawings had been featured on the very popular and long running art and design blog, I was thrilled naturally, and even more so when I saw how popular it was on the Scene360 Facebook and Google+ pages.

However, it didn’t end there. Because of the excellent feedback and reviews it got on both pages, Adriana de  Barros from Scene360 decided to do a full feature on my sketchbook work and asked me some questions about method and style. So, please do  GO HERE TO READ IT and spread the word. :)

Thank you Adriana and Scene360 for the support, truly appreciated.

Scene360 Front Page

Illusion-Scene360 - Com

I was recently featured again (making THREE times now in the past month). One of my water colour paintings, go HERE to have a look.

Oooh, and before I forget, I have a page. Here is my first ‘vine’. Bit wobbly, features what I am working on this week.

Sketchbook Feature on Illusion-Scene360

If you are interested in purchasing any original pieces, postcards and prints then please visit my ART SHOP.

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5 thoughts on “Illusion.Scene360 +

  1. Lorrie, how fabulous. Well done. You totally deserve the recognition. What a great feature. Lets hope we see more like it. :)


  2. Great news on the feature, Vinny just sent me the link. Scene 360 is a great site, lots of good stuff on there. Pretty amazing they decided to feature you, bet you’re stoked.

    Be in touch about that collaboration if you’re still interested?


    1. Aww, thanks Dan, and Vinny too. I was chuffed to bits, and will be looking forward to hearing from you, yes…still interested.


  3. Wonderful news. I read Scene360 magazine, is good to see you on there. Drawings are very interesting and deep.

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