Christmas 2013

Hello all….

So, it’s been a quiet time lately for me as evidenced by my lack of bloggage, a time of reflection from a creative point of view, a rest from the web, posting and whatnot!

However, I had a lovely Christmas. The best of times for me is being with my hubby and my daughter. So, Christmas began very early in the morning, with my girl appearing in the bedroom door clutching her stocking (brilliant). Bless her heart, she gets as excited about Luke and I opening our gifts as she does her own. I asked for little as did Luke, because we like to spend our money on Orla, but..I did get some cracking pressies this year.

Luke got me  three things I really wanted and surprised me with a couple of extras, which were…ROBOTS! Two more to add to my collection. Next best pressie was from my MIL, a new sewing machine, which along with what Luke got me, ties into some of my project plans for the coming year. The little pin cushion was made by Wycbury Designs if you are interested, the big sewing box from John Lewis, and the books are part of the V&A pattern books collection, of which I now have quite a few. This trio is the Heels collection.

So, look out for my next blog post, which will be featuring my ‘Creative Manifesto. I hope all had a fabulous Christmas and wish you a very happy, peaceful and harmonious new year, back soon. xx

If you are interested in purchasing any original pieces, postcards and prints then please visit my ART SHOP.


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6 thoughts on “Christmas 2013

  1. Happy Christmas Lorrie.
    Glad to see you have got some quality time in with your family and the new projects sound exciting too.

    Happy new year.

  2. The new sewing machine looks very sleek. My UK singer still works in Canada on a transformer but I am envious of the John Lewis version. Christmas has berm creative and relaxing for me; family, knitting and trying some new media. All the best for 2014

    1. Hi there Pomomama..

      I love my new sewing machine, it’s so light compared to my old one, and very easy to use.

      Christmas has been awesome. My hubby took some decent time off for a change and it’s been lovely for us all to be together as a family kicking back. :)

      All the best for 2014 to you too. x

    1. Hi there Nikki-Ann

      I did indeed, despite our intention to be more frugal, I feel thoroughly spoilt. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and the best for 2014 to you too xx.

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