What do you do when…

Your creative muse has left you?

Make no mistake. It’s not that I am lacking in ideas. My head is always simply bursting with them. But lately, and it’s been coming on for the last few months, my creative motivation has almost utterly left me. Why…I know not.

I don’t think it’s because I don’t sell a lot of original art. I have never been as commercially successful as other artists. What I do is not necessarily what people want to put on their walls etc.  I have always pretty much created, drawn, painted to please myself, and my work is not easy to categorise. That’s not to say I am not happy when I do sell, and get commission work, but…I don’t judge myself on it, or need that validation.

But, despite having an awesome working space, despite the admiration and support of people telling me how much they like my work, I just cannot seem to motivate myself to draw.  This year has been the driest in terms of artistic productivity in years.

In truth, I am tired, and haven’t always been well, but that has never stopped me before. Yet, I have come as close to giving up and taking myself out of the public eye, and off the web as I have done in years.

I keep saying the same thing to myself, ‘why bother..who cares’.  This is not self pity, or a cry for people to praise me. I am genuinely perplexed with myself, and I haven’t felt this way since I graduated, oh so many years ago!

I think it’s time, to try something new. Yoga? Meditation? Or maybe just be less hard on myself :)

We shall see. I will keep you posted. xx