Creative Manifesto 2014

Every year I write down a set of ‘creative objectives’. They are usually quite detailed and ‘SMART’.  However, this year I decided to do it creatively, less like a business plan, and keep it simple.  I could have created an illustrative/drawn piece (which is what you would expect me to do),  but I decided I would do something different, instead I would sew my ‘Creative Manifesto’ as a mixed media piece, and it is my intention to include a lot more creative projects like this over the coming year.

So, I drafted five simple and personal guidelines/declarations for my manifesto, and thought about how to best display them. I quickly came up with the idea of creating the text with felt and adding embroidery in one of my favourite colour combos pink and turquoise, to make a contemporary ‘sampler’. This was something I knew I could do quite quickly, and it took about a week, working on it here and there over the Christmas holiday.

Once I had completed my ‘sampler’, I mounted it on deep edged canvas I had painted baby pink. I finished it this morning.  Sadly, the pictures don’t do it justice at all, because at the moment, here in the UK we are in a state of almost perpetual darkness, so I will take some better pictures at a later date.

So, my Creative Manifesto features the following rules/declaration for this year:

Create every day
Dare to be different
Do it for love
Be kind to yourself
Finish what you start

Last year was a bit of a dry patch in terms of creativity for many reasons, and perhaps my expectations of myself were too high. So, this year, it will be less about achieving monetary success and profile raising, and more about the enjoyment of creating for its own sake.

Creative Manifesto

Creative Manifesto on the desk

Creative Manifesto - on shelf

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Lastly, thanks to everyone who has come by and commented on my blog over the past year. Your encouragement and support means an awful lot, and it is truly appreciated. Have a fantastic year.