Seize the Day

I was going through my Moleskine sketchbook today and reviewing some of the drawings and doodles I have finished over the last few months not previously posted, and came across this one, ‘Carpe Diem‘.  A quote very much over used from a design point of view if ever there was one, but…pertinent in these times I think.

Carpe Diem in my Moleskine
Many friends and loved ones both near and far are going through particularly hard times. Current affairs remind us constantly of the tragedies many are facing both here and abroad.  So, in the spirit of counting ones blessings, I say ‘Seize the Day‘.  Don’t waste it bemoaning your lot, and remember there is likely to be someone out there worse of than you.  If the sun is shining, go outside and feel it on your face, taste some fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Carpe Diem in my Moleskine

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