The Flower Project

Pressed Flowers ProjectRecently I decided to start a new project, and one I could share with Orla.  When I was a little girl, I used to love to press flowers. I never used a flower press, but would put them between the covers of old heavy books, like history books, dictionaries etc, though  mostly my very old bible given to me by my Grandmother (see below). Within it’s pages are still some flowers put there when I was a little girl.

IMG_20140301_180255_small    IMG_20140301_180227_small

Little Guide to Wild Flowers by Charlotte VoakeI bought for myself and Orla a couple of flower presses. One quite large that would fit a large selection of flowers that could be added to, and it came with lots of card and blotting paper. I also bought another, a little one as part of a kit in a pretty tin, that included scissors, blotting paper and pretty card and paper for Orla, and one that she could take with her on her travels.

We went out a few weeks ago to our village church, and we carefully cut some spring flowers to press. There are beautiful flowers growing in the graveyard, including snowdrops. There are quite strict rules about picking wild snowdrops in Britain (in fact, most wild flowers one is prohibited from picking), which is why we limited ourselves to cutting them from the ones in the graveyard, of which there were many growing. Did you know there are over two hundred varieties of snowdrops growing in Britain. Quite remarkable when you consider that the flower is now becoming quite rare.  We collected Snowdrops, Celandine, Crocuses and Ground Ivy.

For our project I had also bought the beautifully illustrated ‘Little Guide to Wild Flowers‘ by Charlotte Voake to help our identification, and because it is a lovely book and one in which you can make notes and tick off the flowers you find.

IMG_20140301_172247_smallIt is our intention to put the flowers we press in an album, which will include writing and drawings from both of us, and which I will also chronicle here.  It is a project that we are both delighted we can share, and one day something she can show her own children.

This is  selection of the flowers we collected.

IMG_20140301_180132_small IMG_20140301_170717_smallThese are the same collection after a couple of weeks in the press.
pressed flowers 2 pressed flowers 3

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  1. What a wonderful project for you and your daughter to do together. I can’t wait to see how it develops, very exciting, and very English. 😉


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