Birthday Round Up: Books and Boots

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (seems to roll around very quickly these days). In terms of celebrating we kept it pretty low key as we have a lot going on all of us. I had already been treated to my new phone (the fabulous Samsung Galaxy Note3)  by my Luke, BUT I also got a new pair of Dr Martens (they are gorgeous), and a couple of books, one of which I bought myself and one bought by Luke. However, it’s not often I spend money on myself, and really only happens on my birthday. These days the majority of my money is spent on my daughter (naturally). Check out my boots, aren’t they awesome!


The books are utterly gorgeously fab, and very different in terms of genre. One is called ‘Plants and Places‘  by Angie Lewin.  A hard back copy and beautifully illustrated. Her style is retro/nature inspired and reminds me very much of some of the patterns that were featured in my parents house in the 1960s.

The other book is called  ‘Hand Job: A Catalog of Type’ by Michael Perry, and is a a collection of hand drawn type, a fabulously colorful and eclectic mix of hand drawn typography, I LOVE it and it’s very inspirational.

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